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Thank you for taking time to speak with me about the opportunity for us to help promote your business here in Jacksonville. As the Marketing Director it is my responsibility to share the vision with business owners the opportunity to be able to join in on something truly innovative and unique to the way we currently network and advertise in our community.


I'm sure you have seen us on Instagram or Facebook but what you may not know is what is coming next for What's Good Jacksonville. 


 Let me give you a better understanding of who we are as a company and how we might be able to help you increase your social reach in our city. 



App: Android (Beta) iOS (Under Construction) 

Who we are: We are a team of millennial from various marketing backgrounds in Jacksonville,FL United to create a Social Enterprise! We are comprised of 10 highly skilled hand picked marketing experts each from a unique field of expertise. 


Our Mission: To make marketing for local businesses in Jacksonville effortless by creating a hub that automates user (consumer) and business interactions. 



Publication (Blogs) and Local Listings 

We create SEO friendly blogs to help weight your google page and increase local rankings


Targeted Ad Placements  

 If it were as simple as paying for ads, we wouldnt be talking. We are social media strategists certified by the NISM (National Institute of Social Media). 

We have a proven method that ensures success.


1. Hone in on your key converting audience by running split tests

2. Analyze traffic patterns to identify a target audience.

3. Test, Analyze, Convert, Test, Analyze, Convert


We truly care where your ad dollars are spent. Here in the office we make a game out of who can bring their clients more winning prospects, and we are competitive!


Social Media Boosters (Instagram/Facebook)

With each of our clients we like to get creative on how we strategize and leverage our existing audience to maximize the benefits of our crowd. We believe in full transparency, so we have provided pdfs of our analytics for our audience as of Nov. 2018 


Social Automation (ChatBots)

We believe the key to converting that hot lead is maximizing the conversation on the buyers time. Let us help build you a bot tuned for the future. 

Photography/Video Production/Editing




33k local Followers 
25k Hashtags Trending 
Website www.whatsgoodjax.com
App: Android (Beta)  iOS (under development)

Want to know where the crowd is tonight?
All you have to do log on and see What's Good! 

This Application will be the platform to connect businesses with locals in the most direct sense. 
    What's Good Jax
(The New Duval Hub)

We combined Viral Media Content, News and Marketing!

We are a first of a kind . . .
Nothing like WGJ exists on a local level
We are Truly Pioneering A Vision Connecting Community and Business like never before. 

Local Media coverage brought in a refreshing way  

What's Coming? . . .

Whats Poppin!:
Do me a favor and close your eyes and imagine an app that allows you to drop categorized pins that live update and are easily searchable by other users in the area! It will allow users to create a history for places they visit most often and we are unlocking new advantages and benefits of keeping a history log of places visited. i.e (Bucket List and Memberships) 


Good: Eats | Drinks | Times | Deals | "POP"ular

Mission statement

We aim to create an alternative news and media site that highlights the Good of Jacksonville through a community driven platform. We continuously strive to create and innovate new ways to promote local businesses because we truly believe local businesses are the heart of our economy. We are continuing to build and host new sponsors through our advertising channels and will always attempt push the envelope and reach our audiences through genuine social connection.

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